"In my paintings I look for the small details, the remarkable differences in the landscape which tend to make it more individualistic. I want to bring to the viewer's attention the most unusual, the colorful in the plain, dull landscape that most people will never notice or even acknowledge until seeing it in a painting."

"My greatest challenge is in convincing the viewer that those beautiful colors and that variety of detail really do exist, but in a different form than they usually see them. Interwoven with the beauties of the natural landscape are the small pieces of colorful shapes, lines, edges and form that one rarely sees until an artist illuminates it."

"My joy in life is in finding the mediocre, the obscure and transforming them into a beautiful, satisfying scene."

Diane Edwards is a versatile artist who paints in oils, watercolor, and pastels. She has a B.S. and M.A. in Art and Education and was an Adjunct Professor of Art at Aims Community College in Loveland. She teaches advanced students in oil, watercolor, and pastel painting in her home studio.

Having lived on the Great Plains of North Dakota and in the San Luis Valley of Colorado she paints the landscapes and terrain of those areas that she loves. Her paintings are filled with the warmth of the flowing rivers, rocks and colorful geology of New Mexico, Colorado, and North Dakota. She works to share her affinity with the landscape with the viewer, enabling them to enter into the warmth of color and unusual qualities of light in our ever-changing landscapes. her work can be seen at Meko's Gallery, Art on Mountain Gallery or in her home studio in Fort Collins.


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